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Dog (Dalmatian)


101 Dalmatians: The Series

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Beamer is Coco's husband and Lucky's rich uncle. He appears in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "Lucky to be Alone".


Lucky is first introduced to his uncle when he arrives at the Vandercreams' house. Beamer welcomes Lucky into their "little" home before taking him to dinner.

When Lucky questions that they're allowed on the furniture, Beamer confirms it because "eating on the floor is tres gross." He, along with Coco, grow concerned about Lucky's eating behavior, and when he learns that he was fed from a trough, Beamer comments how he hopes they're not too late to fix his farm damage.

He later summons Lucky due to a barking chain message from Pongo and Perdita, asking how he is, Lucky responds by saying his doing fine.

The next day, Beamer tells Lucky that he and Coco arranged a play date at the dog park, adding that it's "for our kind of dogs." At dinner, when Lucky feels homesick, Beamer questions if Lucky's lack of appetite is due to the food being not to his liking.

When Lucky asks if he and Coco would like to watch Thunderbolt with him, he jokes that he'll want them to watch a cattle pull next.



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