Dog (Dalmatian)


101 Dalmatians: The Series

Voice Actor(s)

April Winchell

Coco is Beamer's wife and Lucky's rich aunt. She appears in the 101 Dalmatians: The Series episode "Lucky to be Alone".


Lucky is first introduced to his aunt when he arrives at the Vandercreams' house. Coco introduces Lucky to their butler Gielgud, commenting how he's well-trained and does everything.

At dinner, Coco tells Lucky how Gielgud makes the best kibble cocktails, but stares awkwardly when Lucky scoffs it down. She is then shocked to learn that Lucky was fed from a trough. Lucky asks if they've finished dinner, but Coco tells him the kibble was only his first course.

The next day, Coco leads Lucky for a walk and that she and Beamer arranged a play date at the dog park. At dinner, when Lucky feels homesick, Coco suggests Lucky should try the chicken; however, that makes him feel worse, thinking of Spot.

When Lucky asks if she and Beamer would like to watch Thunderbolt with him, she comments how Thunderbolt is an unsophisticated program.


  • Whenever she addresses Lucky, she always refers to him as some sort of baked good, examples being "Bagel," "Cookie," or "Cupcake."


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